From Season Long to Daily Fantasy Sports

Switching from Season Long to Daily Fantasy Sports

It’s been almost a decade since Instant Fantasy Sports was established in 2007, adding a twist to the long popular fantasy sports seasons. So you might be forgiven for thinking that players who love the season long play, would have realized by now that there are major differences between the two in some very important factors. But no, there are still many who haven’t figured out why they do well enough in the long play and get killed in the daily play. Even more important, they haven’t figured out why they should make the effort to get better, so we’ll start there.

Daily Fantasy Sports has Greater Profit Potential

Because of the quick turnaround at the daily level, players have enormous potential to increase their profits. It’s like compound interest. If you win one day and reinvest part of those winnings the next day, and keep doing that, your capital will grow much faster. It would take a much larger initial investment to earn the same amount over the course of a season.

Of course, the same is true of day trading on the stock market, which most people fail miserably at because they don’t know what they’re doing. So the same equation applies: the more you know, the more you win. However, daily fantasy sports also has one huge positive thing going for it that the stock market doesn’t.

It’s similar to poker, in that you are only playing against other players, so you only need to know more than they do rather than more than all the financial professionals on Wall Street who are driving the market. Which brings us to…

Factors That Affect Success in Daily Fantasy Sports

These are the practices that will vary drastically from how to construct a team for season long play. There’s no reason players can’t enjoy both leagues, as long as they remember to change strategies.

· Opponents Over the course of a season, 16 games will usually include both teams that are stronger than yours, as well as players that are weaker than yours. And each team will have different strengths, which means your team needs to be fairly well-balanced in order to have a decent chance against all of them. In daily play, you can forget balanced. Create the best team you can to defeat the strengths and play on the weaknesses of your opponent on each particular day.

· Research Of course, that means a ton more research. So if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it, it’s probably best to stick with seasonal play.

· Injuries can be used to your advantage. At the start of the season, injury prone players are usually available at much lower prices, even if that barely even matters in daily play. Use those savings to spend more on stronger players where you need them, and you can rack up more wins early on – which results in growing your capital faster!

Remember, you only need beat the newbies who come to play without knowing all of this. And there is a constant stream of them.




Is DraftKings Legit?

Reviewing The Daily Fantasy Site DraftKings

As you all know I love baseball!  Recently I’ve began playing daily fantasy sports and I’m having a ball.  I wasn’t sure which DFS site to choose, but this review of draftkings sold me on them and I want to spread the work about this great daily fantasy site.

There’s been much discussion over the legality of daily fantasy sports and whether or not the sites were legitimate.  I believe the answer to be Yes to both!

I’m no lawyer and this is not legal advice, but my understanding is DraftKings and Daily Fantasy Sports are legal due to loopholes in the UIGEA which say skill games, like DFS, are not considered gambling by the federal governments definition.  While some states have outlawed DFS, New York plans to make a deal with the DFS Sites to allow them to operate.  This is likely a good sign that dfs will make it through any legal battles.

Legitimacy of DraftKings

The next question is whether or not DraftKings is legit.  Many people think it’s rigged or that there are sharks preying on the casual fan.

While there are professional players who do dfs for a living, the casual fan can still make money playing on DraftKings.  You have to do your research though, if you want to win.  The people who have issues with the industry are people who just make their roster picks based off of their guts.

You wouldn’t expect to make money as a stock market investor without doing research, so why would you think DFS would be any different?  It’s not!

DraftKings Overview

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk Draft Kings.

Of all the daily fantasy sports sites out there, they are by far the best.  They have the best selection of games, the best promotions, and the best looking site.  I tried fanduel for a day and it was so difficult to maneuver around the site, i cashed out and never came back.

I’m a regular guy, so keep that in mind, but i’ve been able to win a good chunk of change (for me anyway) on draftkings.  I only play $1-$10 contests, but i’ve won $300 so far this season of MLB.  Considering this is not my profession and I really enjoy playing, I’m happy to win any extra income doing something i love!

I hope this helps sway you to pick draftkings if debating joining a daily fantasy site.  It gets two thumbs up as a legit site I love to play on.

If you need help with your DFS picks I really love this site: and their review sold me on DraftKings.  The only issue is they aren’t currently posting content every day, so you may need to check out rotoworld or similar sites some days.

Good Luck out there!!!

My Favorite Sport

What is Baseball

Baseball is a game that is usually played between two teams having nine players each who play by batting and fielding. It is a well celebrated game in America.

How it is Baseball is Played

One team that is trying to score runs while hitting a ball that the pitcher throws using a bat that the batter swings. Then the scorer runs clockwise in a series of four bases, that is, first, second, third, and finally home plate. A player scores only when a player completes the four the bases and makes a return to home plate. Also, the players on the side of batting team take turns by hitting against the fielding team of the pitcher. Any player on the side of the batting team who manages to reach a base safely can attempt to advance to subsequent bases later when teammates. The teams choose either batting or fielding whenever the fielding team attains three outs.

History of Baseball in America

Baseball has no unique and definite history. However, A group of New Yorkers, Alexander Cartwright being the leader begun the first official baseball organization which gave birth to the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club around 1845. Finally after a long time, the game was branded name baseball which later resulted in what was well thought-out as a sport of American starting point. There is one man who emerged from this organization of baseball to defend both the Knickerbockers and the New York clubs. This man is known as A.G. Spalding, and he is recognized to have done much more in building baseball into the nation’s favorite sport. The rules set by Knickerbocker on Base Ball Club are well set and defined. In Knickerbocker’s time, Base Ball Club, The game was considered a men’s sport. Baseball defines the American culture. Baseball is purely an American enterprise that forms part of American history, culture as well as society. Similarly, baseball reflects American people. Baseball continues to make history on American society through its culture and history. Baseball reflects America in different ways, especially the issue of racial separation, as seen witnessed by the Negro Leagues. The history of baseball has also become the history of America, meaning, the two are inseparable.

The first official match game in baseball took place on June 19, 1846, at the Elysian Fields, New York. The Knickerbockers accepted to play a friendly team who took the name the “New York Nine.” The Knickerbockers terribly lost the match. All through the 1850s, baseball clubs rose up throughout the New York area and afar, and the Knickerbockers discovered themselves and rejected as the dictators of baseball fashion. In 1858, twenty-five different clubs and the Knickerbockers held an agreement to consolidate the rules of the game. In 1859, Americans voted to organize themselves as the National Association of Base Ball Players. Unknowingly, this signaled a major event in the evolution of the sport whereby it became less of an amateur game and more of a professional issue. America’s strongest bonds that firmly united the people is baseball.